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Nov 06, 2007



If you are in the mood for experimenting, try soaking a ball of yarn for a day or two, then dyeing it by your method.
This works well with overdyeing commercial yarn.

The worst problem is with drying it.
I have been known to give it a quick blast in a microwave, then leave it on an old towel on a radiator, or in the airing cupboeard.

But skeining it is best!


It is really fun experimenting with dying isn't it? I like the sound of the shearing day at Rennes, you must let me know when it is on next year, perhaps we can meet there.


Wow! Great colors.


Ooh, that is so pretty, I love the colours of your roving.


Don't think I have your email so am contacting you this way to see if you picked up my message on Ravelry and if you would like me to pick up some yarn at the wholesalers while I am in the UK?

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