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Apr 27, 2008



Hey, good to read from you again! Sorry for the bad news and happy for the new ones. I have to get up at 4:20 am, so I might know how you feel – if I get home from work I am exhausted and don’t know where to get the energy from for the rest of my day, MY day… Have fun in your new home, enjoy it!


Good to hear from you again. Sorry for the sadness but hope the changes are all to the good. Looking forward to seeing your Etsy shop.

Krista M

Hello! I am writing to see
if you wanted to contribute to
an afghan for Rachael at yarn-a-gogo
in sympathy for losing her mom. I
am trying to collect 8 inch knit
Please contact me at knitdelaware
ATyahooDOTcom and let me know.
Thanks! Krista M

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